Join the next Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge on 28 - 29 May 2016!

Who can join?

The challenge is open for teams integrating universities, research institutes and companies. Anyone interested in cooperative driving is welcome to bring their automated vehicle and put it up against the competitors in the GCDC 2016.

The participants of GCDC 2011 testify of a stimulating and rewarding time, providing connections and experiences of a lifetime. Take the chance to form your own team and join this rewarding challenge!

What's new?

The GCDC 2016 will be the second edition of the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge. The first GCDC was held in May 2011 in Helmond, the Netherlands.

The GCDC 2011 was mainly focused on the ability to perform longitudinal control of the vehicles (platooning). In the 2016 edition addition of lateral control (steering) will take cooperative driving to a new level. Challenges awaiting the participants include, for example, ability to merge platoons and to join a busy road on a T intersection without driver intervention.

Road traffic continues to face significant challenges regarding congestion, traffic safety and emissions.
Cooperative and automated driving systems, which to some extent free drivers from driving tasks, may provide a solution to some of these issues.

Different levels of automation exist, and while full automation in all traffic situations still lies far in the future, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have already entered the market. Some examples are adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance.

Cooperative driving is a matter of communication. Exchange of information enables cooperation between vehicles, and between vehicles and roadside systems. Through access to, for example, early warnings on upcoming traffic situations like incidents and hazards, a more efficient and safe traffic flow can be achieved.

The GCDC 2016 will be launched at FISITA in June 2014, the official start of the challenge will be after the summer in 2015.

A series of joint workshops and events will be arranged during the period leading up to the final challenge in May 2016. The workshops will encourage the teams to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate for a successful competition.

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