Updated agenda for the Face to Face workshop

Dates: September 28th & 29th, 2015
Location: TU/e Eindhoven

i-GAME is organizing the first GCDC workshop with the teams on the 28th and 29th of September, 2015 on TU/e premises in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This two day event will combine general informational sessions related to GCDC organization and participation with technical sessions. This to give the teams a basic idea for the set-up needed to equip vehicles, get communications online, all in the context of the different GCDC scenarios. What are the rules, limitations, technologies and requirements to successfully prepare and participate in the GCDC2016

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This workshop will be the kick-off event for the teams to start the preparation phase to the upcoming GCDC in 2016. The agenda for this event is as follows:

Day 1, Monday 28th of September
 930-1000 Welcome and coffee
1000-1100 General introduction of GCDC and i-GAME project
1100-1230 GCDC scenarios, requirements and
                  functional architecture
1330-15:00 Interaction protocol
         Coffee Break
1515-1545 Prescan (TASS)
1545-1600 Benchmark vehicles introduction
         [Transfer to Helmond]
1630-1700 Reference vehicle visit
1700-1730 A270 Test site control room visit (TASS)
1730 Q&A, Informal session and drinks (@TNO, Limousine)
         [Transfer to Eindhoven]
1900 - 1930 start diner (De Zwarte Doos, at TU/e campus)

Day 2, Tuesday 29th of September
0900-1015 Requirements & Safety
         Coffee break
1030-1100 Time schedule for the upcoming year
1100-1200 Communication Architecture
1300-1400 Message sets
1400-1600 i-GAME interaction test tool
1600- Wrap-up
Let us know if you are interested!