GCDC 2016 looks back on a successful event

Enthusiastic crowd at demonstrations of self-driving cars in Helmond


Research*EU interview on i-GAME: From smart to mindful cars (2)

Research*EU magazine published an article on the future of smart mobility featuring an interview with Bastiaan Krosse, Jeroen Ploeg and Almie van Asten. All work at TNO, respectively as programme manager automated driving, senior scientist cooperative driving and project coordinator of i-GAME:

i-GAME is about cooperative automation, which means interaction and cooperation between vehicles. Implementing such cooperation — which implies that each vehicle will ‘know’ the intentions of others on the road — will definitely enhance safety.
(...)any party who wants to use their automated vehicle supported by V2X and is willing to use the protocols and message sets (on a software level) provided by the project is welcome to join. Actually we challenge companies like Google and Apple to compete and cooperate in the 2016 GCDC.

See the full article or use the link at the Cordis Research*EU website to find it.