GCDC 2016 looks back on a successful event

Enthusiastic crowd at demonstrations of self-driving cars in Helmond


i-GAME project participates in the ETSI ITS CMS Plugtest upcoming March

In March the 4th ETSI ITS Plugtest on ITS Cooperative Mobility Services will be held in Helmond the Netherlands with the goals of supporting rapid ITS deployment and validating the ETSI ITS Release 1 standards. The focus is on Co-operative Mobile Systems standards from ETSI, CEN and ISO and to test the interoperability of ITS equipment from all key vendors. The i-GAME project is in full preparation to participate in the Plugtest with its own open source GeoNetworking implementation to do basic interoperability testing. You can follow our progress (or even contribute to it) on GitHub.

Date: 17 -27th of March 2015

Location: Automotive Campus, Helmond, Netherlands

See this link for more information: ITS Cooperative Mobility Services Event 4